Anti-Reflective Lens with Black Frame
DV30 Eyewear
Anti-Reflective Lens with Black Frame
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Product Overview

Product Overview


  • Improving accuracy Yellow tinted lenses preserve color recognition while improving your percentage of depth perception and contrast.
  • Higher protection DV30 lenses provide protection against UV Radiation up to 400nm.
  • The UV absorbing lenses protect eyes from harmful neon and halogen light.
  • Less fatigue High definition lenses block out 65% of blue light. This will enhance the sharpness of objects which reduces eye fatigue, tired, or sore eyes, that can lead to headaches.
  • Greater comfort Anti-reflective coating decreases computer glare and overhead fluorescent glare.
  • Recommended for office Artificial light in an office environment quickly leads to eye fatigue, and working on the computer puts a strain on the eyes. It's particularly important to use anti-reflective coatings to protect your eyes while working.
  • Recommended for driving Enhanced colour recognition provides you with improved safety & faster recognition of potential hazards on the road, especially at night. The reflections of street lamps and headlights on your lenses are virtually eliminated.
  • High durability Anti-reflective coatings enhance the quality and extend the lifetime of your lenses by providing superior scratch resistance, durability and resistance to dirt and water.


General Specifications:
Bridge: N/A
Closest Point Between Lens: 12.2mm
Closest Point Between Strap Holding Parts: 95mm
Lens Base: 8 Curve Lens Size Diagonal: 62.2mm
Lens Size Vertical: 31mm
Lens Thickness: 2.5mm
Overall Length (Lens-Tip): 140mm
Overall Width (Hinge-Hinge): 136.5mm
PD: 68mm Weight: 21gm

Metal Case: 1 pc
Display Box: 1 case
Outer Carton: 50 pcs

Lens Technology

Yellow-UV400 with AR coating: Anti-reflection coating for indoor applications, which decreases glare from computer and lamps, and improves the perception and contrast.

Visible Light Transmitted


UVA, UVB Blocked


Blue Light Blocked


IR Blocked