30 Years of Pioneering in Safety

Our History
Our Foundation

Founded in 1991 and with more than 2,500 distributors in over 60 countries, Pyramex has become one of the world’s leading providers of safety products by delivering innovative and stylish product lines, exceptional attention to customer service, and a mindset that we succeed when you succeed. Before a single Pyramex product leaves our plant, we listen to the needs and observations of our distributors and end users, invest countless hours in research, design, and testing, and work to make sure our products meet the highest industry safety standards. When you place a Pyramex product on your shelves, you can do so with confidence, knowing we stand behind everything we produce.

In the beginning

Memphis' logistical infrastructure and geographical location has long made it a powerhouse for both national and international trade. Since opening our doors here as a manufacturer of PPE products, we have grown to do business with countries all over the world.

Introduction of the single replacement lens

Our Integra® became the first replaceable single lens safety glass on the market.

Revolutionizing the industry

With it’s 9.75 base curved lens, our iconic Venture II® glass became the first ever safety eyewear product of it’s kind on the market.

A market staple is born

To combat competitive pressures, we designed the Ztek®, a more economical spectacle with a 9.5 base curved lens.

The making of a hybrid

With the V2G®, we combined the look and feel of a safety glass with the added protection of a full safety goggle.

Advancements in anti-fog

Our I-Force® took safety eyewear to the next level with it’s proprietary H2X® anti-fog coating, dual pane lens technology, and stylish look.

Eyewear gets active

We branched out into retail by establishing VentureGear®, our first retail brand. Under our retail division we gained license agreements with CARHARTT® and Ducks Unlimited®.

Embracing expansion and design innovation

Made with lightweight ABS material, our Ridgeline® hard hats became some of the lightest on the market. Additionally, we extended our reach into Europe by opening a stocking warehouse in the UK.

Visibility is Key

High-Visibility work wear is an integral element of personal protective equipment for workers in countless professions, from construction to engineering.

Get a Grip

Whether you are performing basic or extreme tasks, Pyramex offers an expanded line of gloves to fit any application.

Stay Dry

Shield yourself from the elements with Pyramex water resistant apparel.

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Expanding Our Future

From our first offering of safety glasses, we have expanded into head protection, hearing protection, hi-vis apparel, welding products, ergonomic supports, N95 respirators, gloves and cooling products. As our product lines grow, so do we as a company.