What does Z87.1 mean?
This is the American National Standard Institutes (ANSI) designation for Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices.  ANSI is the body that writes the standards and test procedures for safety glasses, goggles and face shields.

What does CE mean?
It mean Conformité Européenne. This is the European Union symbol that indicates that a certain product has been tested and certified to the designated standard.

Is there a difference between ANSI ratings and CE and CSA? If so, what are they?
ANSI (American National Stanard Institute) is the standard body for the US.  Some other countries also recognize this standard.  CE (Confirmite Europeene) is the standard body for European countries and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) is the standard body for Canada.  Each of these rating has different criteria for eye, face and head protection.

What is the difference and/or benefit between the different lens colors?
Different lenses have different VLT or visible light transmissions.  Some applications will require more light to come through the lens than others.

What is an IR filter?
IR stands for Infrared Filter. The shade number 3 or 5 usually accompanies this marking to indicate the level of protection offered.

Why do some safety vests have more reflective tape then others?
The number of square inches of reflective material vs the fluorescent background material determines the class of the vest.

Why would I buy a Class 2 vs a Class 3 safety vest?
Class 2 vests are rated for traffic that exceeds 25 mph and Class 3 vests are rated for traffic that exceeds 50 mph.

How do I find where to buy your products?
Contact your sales representative for a list of Pyramex distributors in your area.

What does the date stamp on your helmet mean?
This date stamp indicates the date of manufacture.